We Partner for Joint Success

Roboteon is rapidly building out an ecosystem of partners across robot OEMs, systems integrators, and complementary software providers, such as Warehouse Management System solutions.

Our flexible partnerships offer a wide variety of benefits and advantages, as detailed below:

Robot OEMs

  • Gain advantage from a partner with extensive packaged integration experience with many WMS, ERP and other systems
  • Enhance your total solution with both flexible connectivity options and an extensive library of fulfillment and related applications
  • Greatly accelerate test/pilot cycle times and get to "YES" faster and more often
  • Reduce integration cost, time and deployment risks, leading to success and more rapid rollouts
  • Improve your market position by being part of the Roboteon Warehouse Automation ecosystem

Systems Integrators

  • Flexible partnership options to match your level of technology capabilities and strategy
  • Improve your market offering through a single platform that can connect and optimize across all types of warehouse automation
  • Rapidly setup simulations and pilots to demonstrate capabilities and conduct proof of concept deployments
  • Expand your solution footprint by leveraging the most comprehensive platform in the warehouse automation sector (connectivity, picking applications, workflow management, AI/ML & more)
  • Leverage Roboteon’s Innovation Lab in San Jose to create prospect interest and drive solution brainstorming discussions

Warehouse Management and Other Software Providers

  • Reduce automation-related time and risk by leveraging a platform that offers highly flexible integration options to connect with your solutions, the way you want, leveraging ML.
  • Benefit from flexible partnership arrangements, from basic integration to “white label” reseller programs
  • Reduce or eliminate modifications to WMS or other software previously required for automation deployments
  • Take advantage of a robust integration gateway for WMS-automation volume testing, upgrades and migrations (e.g., on-prem to-could)
  • Respond rapidly to customer changes, such as new automation distribution center expansions, consolidations and redesigns
  • Add new types of automation or new automation vendors with speed and robustness

Contact us today to discuss our flexible partnership opportunities and develop a win-win approach.

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