Maximize Your Warehouse Robotics

The Roboteon Robotics Fulfillment Platform rapidly enables
robots, people, and systems to work as one.

What we do

Roboteon provides the market’s most innovative and functionally-rich Robotics Fulfillment Platform:

  • Plug and play integration across a variety of warehouse robotics, automation equipment, WMS, and ERP systems.
  • Broad portfolio of fulfillment workflows
  • An orchestration and optimization engine that optimally assigns tasks to people and robots, uniquely leveraging AI
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Taking Robotics Automation to the Next Level

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How Roboteon drives value

Rapid WMS-Robot Integration

Robotics Fulfillment Platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to integrate and implement robots and other automation (in pilots or full deployments) and do so more effectively.

Increased Productivity

By orchestration of warehouse movements and tasks in a multi-vendor/process environment, Roboteon maximizes the flow of work and goods, increasing throughput and productivity.

Synchronizing Robots and Humans

Advanced task management across both human workers and robots, with synchronization that delivers increased efficiency and performance. Robots and humans working together as one.

Enhanced Flexibility

Quickly adapt processes and seamlessly add new robots/technology over time to address opportunities and requirements as they arise.

What makes us different

Roboteon has a highly differentiated solution, leading the way in the warehouse automation market:

  • Interoperability across WMS and Robotic platforms
  • The sector’s most complete and functionally-rich platform, from core integration to advanced execution, optimization and orchestration of work
  • A powerful AI engine for superior optimization
  • Deep domain expertise, with special insight into integration of robots to Warehouse Management Systems and existing automation

Ready to Discuss?

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Markets we serve

Roboteon is focused on a number of industry sectors for its robotics platform:

  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Third-Partly Logistics
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing

We also work with partners such as robot OEMs and systems integrators with complementary solutions.



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