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Additional capabilities

Additional capabilities in the Roboteon Platform include:

  • Federated Dashboard: A single dashboard across robots and processes independent of equipment vendors.
  • Simulation and Modeling: Powerful tools to model demand fluctuations, run scenarios, and identify and resolve bottlenecks and congestion.
  • Resource Management (RMS): Human resource planning and synchronization is a critical and often overlooked key to robotics system success.
  • Warehouse GPT: An interactive experience for operators to obtain training and productivity insights, engage with AI agents and make real-time improvements.

The Roboteon Fulfillment Platform also delivers what Gartner terms a “Multi-Agent Orchestration Platform” for warehouse robot execution, but going beyond that to provide additional capabilities, including many features noted above.


Beyond Market Leading Technology

Roboteon brings another edge that is just as important as our advanced functionality: deep subject matter expertise that delivers project success every time.

Our leadership and technical team has deep roots in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) industry, providing unique insight into integration of robotics with various flavors of WMS, including home grown, best-of-breed, and ERP.

Roboteon knows what will work and what won’t, which process steps likely will add value and which won’t, where the key projects risks are, and more.

We bring the capabilities and the know-how to ensure your project’s success and how to best position yourself for changes in process and equipment over time.

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